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August 27th 2010
Published: October 11th 2010
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We arrived at Cordoba around 8am after a brilliant bus we were refreshed. We walked to our hostel (Turning Point Hostel) and got checked in straight away. We decided to book our bus tickets to Mendoza for the following day through the hostel 145 pesos (about 25 quid) then have a look around Cordoba.

I liked Cordoba, we found out pretty much straight away that there wasn't much to do there but it was just nice walking around the city, it had quite a large university in the center and parts of it reminded me of Leeds. I decided to get my haircut as it was getting abit jungle like and even though the barber spoke fairly good English i just asked for the same as the guy before me as it looked like i normally have it although it turned out more like a Mohecan, but I liked it and it goes well with the tash and beard combo. The barber also give us a card for a buffet where we could get 2 for 1 so we headed there, only to find it didnt open till 9pm (very common in Argentina).
We went back to the hostel chilled out for a couple of hours got showered and smartened up then got a taxi to the buffet. The buffet had everything you could think of 7 different types of pasta cooked in any sauce you wanted, fish, seafood, a selection of different meats from the Asado (bbq), stirfry as you wanted it, paella, rice, potatoes, chips, mash and a huge selection of cakes and ice cream. Probably because of the fact the selection was soo big this meant the food quality itself wasnt great but for 100 pesos (16 quid) for 2 buffets, 2 litres of stella and a litre bottle of red wine I definitely couldn't complain. We left the buffet at 12ish and needed to lay down (I was stuffed and Hollie was drunk) and ended up falling asleep.

The next day we woke up and had breakfast (which wasnt great) then decided because it was 38 degrees outside to find a park. We walked around where the park was supposed to be on the map but could only find a building site, a Zoo and a fairground. We stopped for a chorizo sandwich (sausage sandwich from a street bbq) which was delicious, consulted the map and walked to a small public garden nearby. We spent a few hours there before the hosepipe wasnt cooling us down anymore and needed to get inside. We spent two hours in an internet cafe ringing home and sorting out the flights to the ashes, then headed back to the hostel. After watching a film with the cool guy on the front desk we chilled in the hostel a few hours before heading to the bus station for our night bus to Mendoza.

I hope every night bus in Argentina is as good as our first!

Muchos Love


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