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October 9th 2007
Published: October 9th 2007
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Right! Well today is our last day in Buenos Aires and I must say that flew by! It´s been fantastic weather so far but last night it started to rain so maybe that´s a sign to move along. Looking a bit overcast today and oh my god I´m talking about the weather, how sad!

Yesterday we went for a long walk to the famous CEMENTERIO DE LA RECOLETA which houses (yes I mean houses) all the very rich dead people. Their coffins are incased in houses covered with statues and plaques. There is a saying here that it is more expensive to be buried here, than to live a full rich expensive life. Interesting huh? It was an amazing place and quite weird at the same time. It wasn´t like being in a cemetary, but more like a museum of art. This is where Evita was buried, although not straight away. Her embalmed body was smuggled in to the cemetary 20 years alter she died, as it´s imposible to get a place here. The people felt she deserved a place so smuggled her in. She now resides here and is an obvious tourist haunt (probably not the best expresión to use).

We also visited Puerto Madeira which is a dead spit of Docklands in London. It was built around the same time so I say they stole our plans. Ha! Just kidding, it´s very different in some ways but the general idea is the same. It´s really pretty with a lot of touristy restaurants along it, such as Hooters and TGI Friday´s. The original gun turrets are still in place from when we tried to attack them way back in 1806 or some date like it. That was pretty cool!

We took a walk through Retiro which is a very posh area, full of mansions, really cool flats and expensive hotels. Walking through there, you could be forgiven for thinking that you were walking through Italy. There is a large Italian influence in the Spanish language Buenos Aires people speak. In the late 1800´s there was a surge of Italians that arrived in Buenos Aires. They are still present today and a loto f them still have Italian passports.

The…..Tha…..Tha….Th….Tha…..That´s all folks!

Check the blog in a couple of days for the next entry. We hope you´ve enjoyed listening to us ramble on and we hope you´ll join us next time, on travelblog Charker. Keep watching! Good night!


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