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Reykjavík 3 - SUCH a Day! 8F249500-3428-4EBE-BE72-90039BEC42CD.

Reykjavík 3 - SUCH a Day!

September 30th 2018
Wow! What a day! We got ourselves organised and into the breakfast room nice and early. The food was a little different, typical Scandinavian fare with the slices of meat and cheese and hard boiled eggs, with ryvita type crispbreads. We noticed in Sweden too that their hard boiled eggs always have whiter than white shells. The scrambled eggs were more like chopped up omelette. The pork sausages we ... read more
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Icelandic Flag Settled by Norwegian and Celtic (Scottish and Irish) immigrants during the late 9th and 10th centuries A.D., Iceland boasts the world's oldest functioning legislative assembly, the Althing, established in 930. Independent for over 300 years, Iceland ... ... read more
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