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Money changer  

Money changer

The Horn of Africa

September 23rd 2017
After returning to Dubai I returned to work the following day expecting to begin by new job, didn't really happen though, it is a new team and it took several weeks to get started so in that time I continued writing strategic products. I also began physio on the injured ankle completing three sessions over a three week period and last week l began walking home from work, it only takes about 15 ... read more
Africa » Somalia

Somali Flag The regime of Mohamed SIAD Barre was ousted in January 1991; turmoil, factional fighting, and anarchy have followed in the years since. In May of 1991, northern clans declared an independent Republic of Somaliland that now includes the administrative... ... read more
6th October 2017

Now that is a stack of money
That is wild.

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