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Dhamma pataka  

Dhamma pataka

The meditation hall. Men and women were separated during the whole retreat inside the hall as well as outside. On the first of January 2007 there was a huge yellow moon rising behind the mountains in the picture. As the men came out from the meditationhall one by one after the last sitting at 9:15, they would stop and look at the moon slowly climbing over the dark jagged peaks. Everyone standing silent close to each other watching the strong moonrise. Worcester. S.A.
A modern path

January 7th 2007
As we rushed down from Gaborone to celebrate New Years Eve in Cape Town, we had been arrested by Karma police a mere hours drive before the big city in the small town of Worcester - and sentenced to a 10-day meditation course. Therefore I sat in silence on my small meditation cushion, contemplating, focusing. Around me were 35 other meditators, all doing their best trying not to move, not to look ... read more
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Motswana (singular), Batswana (plural) Flag Formerly the British protectorate of Bechuanaland, Botswana adopted its new name upon independence in 1966. Four decades of uninterrupted civilian leadership, progressive social policies, and significant capital investment have created one of the mos... ... read more
15th November 2010

Hey, I was researching Vipassana courses and your blog turned up, are you from Gaborone? I live in Gabs myself, I'm a teacher at MaP. I'd love to know more about your experience of the programme? I'd appreciate it if you dropped me a line - Cheers, Stephanie

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