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Spitting Sally lightfoot crab  

Spitting Sally lightfoot crab

Baltra Island
A date with Darwin

December 9th 2016
Guayaquil was a pleasant step off to the Galapagos archipelago but it is time to go, the airport was only a short distance away and we were soon standing in front of the Galapagos window to get an immigration pass before we could check in our luggage. The airport is new so it is clean and comfortable and our two hour flight left on time, no entertainment though. Ruth took some photos from the a ... read more
South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Puerto Ayora

Ecuadorian Flag The "Republic of the Equator" was one of three countries that emerged from the collapse of Gran Colombia in 1830 (the others are Colombia and Venezuela). Between 1904 and 1942, Ecuador lost territories in a series of conflicts with its neighbors. A b... ... read more
11th December 2016

Wow....a great shot

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