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Alamut Castle  

Alamut Castle

Alborz Mountains from the Castle
The Assassins of Alamut Castle and Tehran

March 12th 2016
<em style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal;">Day 50 Tuesday 8th March 2016 - Qazvin Booked out of the hotel and got the same hotel driver that drove us to Kandovan to take us to the bus terminal, after a bit of negotiation with the price of course. As we saw the terminal from a distance we got excited as it is a huge modern building but as we got closer realised th ... read more
Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran

Iranian Flag Known as Persia until 1935, Iran became an Islamic republic in 1979 after the ruling monarchy was overthrown and the shah was forced into exile. Conservative clerical forces established a theocratic system of government with ultimate political author... ... read more
17th March 2016

Friendly, self-conscious people
That you found the people friendly and hospitable is just what I'd heard of Iran. Curious that they are as self-conscious about how the world sees them as are we Americans. I so agree that it's incredibly important to separate the government from the people. I'm super-impressed with your bargaining skills given that you often didn't share a language, and also amazed at how often your GPS with Farsi came in handy with clueless taxi drivers. Great that the Alamut Castle gave you vistas while the Golestan Palace gave you former grandeur and “The National Jewels Museum” gave you bling (sounded a bit like the Topkapi Palace treasures). Not many get to Iran--thanks for sharing this!
17th March 2016

Thanks heaps Tara, Iran was an amazing country, well worth the odd small hassle. Americans can travel to Iran but I think you need to have a guide with you at all time. Because we have travelled to Iran it is now harder for us to go to the USA, so the suspicions continue on both sides.
17th March 2016

So embarrassing!
Sometimes, well, many times, it's so annoying being an American. Our entrance visas for others are such a hassle. For South Americans, they charge them $180 just to apply and then often turn potential tourists down and keep the money. I'm so sorry that you may have trouble getting in the US because you visited Iran. Not surprised that they require us to have a guide (what an expensive hassle) since I wouldn't put it past our government (whom I've never trusted) to try to slip in a spy. But so glad you have a fine time.
18th March 2016

Australian? no we are from New Zealand
Wish we could say you were alone in feeling embarrassed about your government, ours hasn't exactly set a great example over the last few years. With our appalling refugee policies we sort of hang our heads a bit low.

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