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Left Mitten  

Left Mitten

Heading Off into the Sunset - Monument Valley

February 22nd 2016
After seeing the grandeur of Horseshoe Bend it felt like we'd already seen enough for one day. It was only 8am though and full day of exploring awaited us. We dashed back to our motel for a hurried breakfast of waffles, syrup and coffee before heading out again, this time for the Arizona-Utah State Line. Our destination for the day was to be the Navajo Nation, to see the famous Monument Valley. I ... read more
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10th May 2016

Mittens and Beasties
Loved your Horseshoe Bend blog and earlier ones as you've explored this magical corner. I used to drive from California to Santa Fe each summer through these amazing rock formations, and I never got tired of them. Your photos are fantastic, and great that you explained the geology of the mesas, buttes and spires. No offense to the Navajo, but I imagine your picnic may have been tastier than mutton and fried bread. Your photos are worthy of the magazine, "Arizona Sunsets."
11th May 2016

Re: Mittens and Beasties
Hi Tara, thanks for your very kind comments. I'm very jealous of anyone who gets to drive regularly though California and Arizona... I don't think I'd tire of the views either. Glad we didn't miss out on culinary delights! I shall definitely check out Arizona Sunsets... An awesome title for a magazine.

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