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Masjed-e Sheikh Lotfollah  

Masjed-e Sheikh Lotfollah

The Domes and Bridges of Esfahan

March 2nd 2016
<em style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal;">Day 40 Saturday 27th February 2016 Today is a bus to Esfahan which leaves at 10.30am so slept in a bit and got a taxi to the terminal. No sooner had we jumped out of the taxi and we were being asked where to and do we have a ticket, every step someone different asked us the same question and wanted to see our ticket. Fina ... read more
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Iranian Flag Known as Persia until 1935, Iran became an Islamic republic in 1979 after the ruling monarchy was overthrown and the shah was forced into exile. Conservative clerical forces established a theocratic system of government with ultimate political author... ... read more
3rd March 2016

Fab photos in the land of high prices!
Love the domes and bridges and tiles and spices--rather makes up for seeing so many women in chadors, dealing with carpet sellers and paying such high prices. $48 for a room and no breakfast? Sydney prices for coffee? At least the mosques and churches weren't as outrageously expensive as the museums on your earlier stops. And how great for you that tourism is down--you can roll in late in the evening and score a palace of a room! Good show!

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