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There is something a little off with this goat pen.....
FYI, Brucella IS Zoonotic

June 8th 2015
Time is flying by! I can't believe June is basically a quarter over already! This last week was officially our first complete week on the project and it was great! We started field work this week, which I am really enjoying. First we have to arrange with one of the nineteen communities that we will be coming around on "this day" and doing vaccinations and brucella testing. We had to buy a bunch of ... read more
Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Mbarara

Ugandan Flag Uganda achieved independence from the UK in 1962. The dictatorial regime of Idi AMIN (1971-79) was responsible for the deaths of some 300,000 opponents; guerrilla war and human rights abuses under Milton OBOTE (1980-85) claimed at least another 100,0... ... read more
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