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On the Road to Mandalay

October 8th 2014
Or rather, actually in Mandalay. Which doesn't resemble the idyll of Rudyard Kipling's poem much, so much as a modern, bustling and very dusty city. And then it turns out that Kipling never even made it to Mandalay anyway, so I am left rather disillusioned about the whole thing. On first impressions, despite the plethora of motorbikes, no working traffic lights and (apparently) no traffic laws, ... read more
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Burmese Flag Britain conquered Burma over a period of 62 years (1824-1886) and incorporated it into its Indian Empire. Burma was administered as a province of India until 1937 when it became a separate, self-governing colony; independence from the Commonwealth wa... ... read more
18th October 2014

Golden temples and splintered feet
Very exotic--the monks, gorgeously carved teak and gold temples. Since Mandalay was founded only in the 1850s, I imagine you won't find much there to satisfy antiquarian hungers though I'm sure there will be many opportunities for this in other parts of this ancient realm. How fab that you have air-conditioning in such a hot, tropical place, can tap into the wifi from the hotel next door and find familiars in the markets. I imagine you'll soon be able to walk over hot coals in your toughened feet--good luck with that!

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