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Khandagh-Loo (or Pari) lake  

Khandagh-Loo (or Pari) lake

Alam-Kandi summers & the Shahsavan nomads of Iran

July 16th 2014
Alam-Kandi summers & the Shahsavan nomads of Iran Yes, visiting the nomadic tribes can be amazing especially when they, mostly, do not speak the official language of your own country! :D but seems that translators are everywhere like these beautiful children. 😊 P.S. I hope that you know the name of official language in Iran is FARSI which is very different from Arabic! ;- ... read more
Middle East » Iran » North » Zanjan

Iranian Flag Known as Persia until 1935, Iran became an Islamic republic in 1979 after the ruling monarchy was overthrown and the shah was forced into exile. Conservative clerical forces established a theocratic system of government with ultimate political author... ... read more
18th July 2014

چقدر این عکس قشنگه خانم دکتر. میشه تصور کرد چقدر این مکان آرامش بخشه، رنگ طلایی تپه ها و آبی دریاچه. واقعا زیبایی های بی نظیر و بیشتر نهفته کشورمون رو تو عکسهای شما میشه دید و لذت برد. بازم ممنون به خاطر اینکه این عکس ها رو به اشتراک میذارید.
19th July 2014

واقعا ممنونم که این همه تقویت روحیه میدین ولی واقعا باهاتون موافقم که ایران زیباییهای بیشماری داره که متاسفانه قدرش رو نمیدونیم

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