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Germany History Museum - Original SS And Gestapo uniforms.
Europa 2013

August 18th 2013
The train journey from Warsaw to Berlin on Monday went without a hitch. Hallelujah! Longish journey, just under six hours, but we are finding the train trips quite restful. Clive finds them particularly restful, in fact so restful that I had to nudge him a few times to stop him snoring. A delightful young German man struck up conversation with us during the journey. He is an architect who lives in ... read more
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German Flag As Europe's largest economy and most populous nation, Germany remains a key member of the continent's economic, political, and defense organizations. European power struggles immersed Germany in two devastating World Wars in the first half of the 20t... ... read more
22nd August 2013

Checkpoint Charlie
I notice MacDonalds behind Checkpoint Charlie! You can't escape the big 'M' anywhere in the world can you? At least it is somewhere to use the loo as they are hard to find in Europe....:)
22nd August 2013

Have just only realised that I can respond to a comment on the blog. Duh! Yes McDonalds are almost everywhere. At this point the only place we haven't come across a McDonalds is Poland. I tell you what though they haven't all got toilets! I think the penny has dropped and they are aware that they are supplying toilet facilities to tourists. Most toilets in Europe you have to pay to get into anyhow. It's an expensive business going to the toilet in Europe. The positive is that as soon as you get up off the toilet seat there is someone with a cloth and the disinfectant wiping the seat behind you! Thanks for your email Glenys. I will respond soon. Finding time to do the blog and answer emails is challenging but I do really appreciate being kept up to date with everything so thank you! :)
23rd August 2013

Hi! Henny your holiday comments and photos are fantastic. It is almost like being with you. So interesting. Lots of love Terri xx

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