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Kitano Tenmangu, Kyoto  

Kitano Tenmangu, Kyoto

Whirlwind Tour of Kyoto 2: Kitano Tenmangu, Kinkakuji, Ryouanji, Tenryuji, Koudaiji

February 14th 2002
京都:北野天満宮・金閣寺・竜安寺・天竜寺・高台寺 ***Route 2: Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, The Golden Pavilion, Ryouanji Temple, Tenryuji Temple, Koudaiji Temple*** 1. Kitano Tenmangu Shrine 北野天満宮 (Founded: 947) Hideo wanted very much to see the famous plum trees here at this ancient and intimate shrine. A huge, cast-iron bull near the torii gate greet ... read more
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Japanese Flag In 1603, a Tokugawa shogunate (military dictatorship) ushered in a long period of isolation from foreign influence in order to secure its power. For 250 years this policy enabled Japan to enjoy stability and a flowering of its indigenous culture. Fol... ... read more
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