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MIG in Hargeisa  

MIG in Hargeisa

The landmark in Hargeisa, this Somali plane was apparently shot down during the civil war. The planes used to do bombing runs from the town's own airport, bombing the city street by street.
A Dangerous And Uncertain Place

July 30th 2005
The Horn of Africa. The self-declared and officially non-existent Republic of Somaliland, occupying the northernmost part of the fictitious country of Somalia. For some reason the word “warlord” pops up in my head when I hear “Somali”. Somali Warlord. Like Apple Pie. Images of brave marines killing hundreds of skinnies for every one they lose. The overwhelming and irresistible firepo ... read more
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Somali Flag The regime of Mohamed SIAD Barre was ousted in January 1991; turmoil, factional fighting, and anarchy have followed in the years since. In May of 1991, northern clans declared an independent Republic of Somaliland that now includes the administrative... ... read more
10th February 2011

I like see all the time the picture of my heart country which is somaliland/City is Hargeisa. Also i like share any idea that is going on over there.

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