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Iglesia de la Recoleccion in Leon  

Iglesia de la Recoleccion in Leon

Just how different can two cities be? (Leon & Managua, Nicaragua)

August 22nd 2010
(Day 870 on the road)Even by Central American standards, it seems that Nicaragua has had to endure more than its fair share of misery in its troubled past. The country's history may sound familiar to anyone who has spent some time in the region, with a few noteworthy twists and turns: Dictators and elected presidents corrupt to the bone, lining their own coffers at the expense of the peo ... read more
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Nicaraguan Flag The Pacific Coast of Nicaragua was settled as a Spanish colony from Panama in the early 16th century. Independence from Spain was declared in 1821 and the country became an independent republic in 1838. Britain occupied the Caribbean Coast in the fir... ... read more
26th October 2010

wonderful building.
i desire to travel at there. but im in borneo, so far. i just keep it in my dream. love that buildings.

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