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Aztec pyramid 66

Aztec pyramid

June 13th 2010
Sunday 13.6.2010 day 242 Aztec pyramid Today we woke up and had a fantastic Mexican bfast and then went to the Templo Mayora 14th century Aztec pyramid and temple. Over 20,000 people were sacrificed here with up to 10,000 being sacrificed at a time. There is a wall of skulls. We also went to the Palacio National built by the Spanish after they over took the Aztec’s. We also went to the Catedra ... read more
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Mexican Flag The site of advanced Amerindian civilizations, Mexico came under Spanish rule for three centuries before achieving independence early in the 19th century. A devaluation of the peso in late 1994 threw Mexico into economic turmoil, triggering the worst... ... read more
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