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More Thai Flora  

More Thai Flora

The Island of Temples

November 13th 2009
We headed down stairs to indulge in the buffet breakfast about 8.30am unfortunately I find Asian breakfasts are rarely satisfying, especially when you have to listen to a loud mouthed aussie clown going on and on about how he would be the next Thai pop star blah blah blah. We checked out at 9am and strolled out the front of the hotel to organise a taxi to the train station, the employee out the ... read more
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Thai Flag A unified Thai kingdom was established in the mid-14th century. Known as Siam until 1939, Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country never to have been taken over by a European power. A bloodless revolution in 1932 led to a constitutional monarchy.... ... read more
24th November 2011

Latin names please ! otherwise it's just a pretty picture.
4th October 2013

Typically Thai
I see from the only other comment you haven't bothered to address the issue of what the name of this, or any other plant/flower, on your site is, in Latin (?) Forget it. But the Thai name would be good. And no, I know from long experience here in Thailand you wouldn't even have bothered to read this comment either. Thaizzzzzzzzzzzzz
20th October 2013

Who speaks Latin anyway :-)
Sorry Tamsin I can recognise beauty but that doesnt make me a botanist

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