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Tripoli- Old Roman Monument  

Tripoli- Old Roman Monument

Just outside the Souq. One of the most interesting places to wander and shop.
On the road in Libya

April 9th 2005
Arrived in Libya expecting a dry arid country, but I was very surprised by the greenery - Orange, olive and lemon trees near the coast, and palms in the interior. That is not to say that water is not a concern. Libya's huge project the Great (great artery of life) man made river brings water from the south to fill storage containers near the coast. Traffic circles often feature styalised wells ... read more
Africa » Libya

Libyan Flag From the earliest days of his rule following his 1969 military coup, Col. Muammar Abu Minyar al-QADHAFI has espoused his own political system, the Third Universal Theory. The system is a combination of socialism and Islam derived in part from tribal ... ... read more
10th November 2010

that is so nice

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