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Beautiful Mountains and Aquamarine Water  

Beautiful Mountains and Aquamarine Water

The whole island of South Georgia is made up of scenery like this.
Across the Vast Southern Ocean

March 27th 2007
It was a night like any other night in the vast Southern Ocean. The stars were hidden behind a veil of clouds, the moonless sky was as dark as India ink and it was so cold that the salty ocean froze to the deck in thick, slushy sheets. My watch group was serving the dreaded 'dog' watch from midnight to four. Under ideal conditions the dog watch could be a very pleasant time to be on deck, due to b ... read more
South America » South Georgia » South Georgia

 Flag The islands lie approximately 1,000 km east of the Falkland Islands and have been under British administration since 1908, except for a brief period in 1982 when Argentina occupied them. Grytviken, on South Georgia, was a 19th and early 20th century ... ... read more
7th January 2011

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