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April 22nd 2019
Published: April 22nd 2019
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Happy Easter!!! Today is Easter, even on the high seas. The ship has made an effort to try to celebrate, even though it doesn’t quite feel the same when you are wearing shorts and a t-shirt all day. We received a really nice picture of the three Brink kids in their Easter outfits – thank you!

We both have been struggling with a little head cold and last night was a lot of coughing. However this morning David is feeling better (not perfect yet) and Janet is starting to feel a little better too. But we were so tired last night that we did not go to any of the entertainment places but instead went to the cabin and went to bed.

This morning the ship rebroadcast the Pope’s Easter Mass from Vatican City via EWTN. David went up to the Horizon Court and got us some breakfast, and then dropped the whole mess on the floor trying to get in the cabin door. But our steward just shrugged and cleaned up the mess. David did get a bowl of cereal and Janet got a cup of tea and some banana nut bread – not being dropped that time. And we were able to get the last load of laundry done this morning so we have enough clean clothes to last the rest of the trip.

A little before noon we crossed the Equator again. Now we are in the Northern Hemisphere and continuing on our journey across the sea. They blew the ship’s horn so everyone knew about it, but there was no elaborate ceremony this second time.

Anyway we had a restful time sitting around the cabin most of the morning. We even worked in a little nap time too. Then we went up to the Pizzeria on deck-14 and got some pizza and sodas for lunch. After enjoying a shady lunch alongside the pool, we went down to the Piazza on deck-5 for a little dessert and took that back to the cabin without spilling anything. While we were in the Piazza there were some Easter decorations hanging from the ceiling and also a large display of beautifully decorated huge Easter Eggs. We even got a sample of lemon-infused chocolate – who knew such a thing existed or how delicious it is.

About 2:30 David went to the pool to swim for a little. There were a lot of people outside enjoying the equatorial sun, although it was kind of toasty. But the water was cool and refreshing. Then David went back to the cabin cleaned up before working on the today’s pictures. Meanwhile Janet was working on her Needlework Project – she had skipped the knitting session this morning.

About 4:15 we went to the Wheelhouse Bar for a cocktail. Janet brought a new dress along to have as a new Easter outfit. The Skywalker Lounge was closed today because some of the Elite members are attending the Captain’s Reception. Tomorrow is our turn to hear what the captain has to say. This evening Janet had a Classic Mojito and David had a Hemmingway Daiquiri. At 5:00 we went to dinner and we did NOT have Easter Bunny for dinner. Janet had Fried Chicken and David had Virginia Ham. Both were very good. For dessert David had something called an Italian Easter Cake – probably will not get another chance for it in quite a while.

The show this evening was a performer who sang a whole series of Nat King Cole songs. He was very good and we enjoyed the show. Now we are back in the cabin and ready for a good night sleep. Unfortunately it will be a short one with the clocks moving forward another hour. FYI … the temperature tat 8:30 this evening is 88 degrees (on their Intranet).

Good night.


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