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April 13th 2009
Published: April 13th 2009
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The canal - from the Red sea to the Mediteranian.

This was a fascinating journey - A convoy of big ships sailing up this narrow strip of water at a very slow speed.
It took us all day to go from one ocean to another. The banks were so different, The port side was full of towns villages and green vegetation, the starboard side was stark desert, as far as the eye could see.
All over the left bank were military posts, and floating barges ready to float and create pontoon bridges. Tanks and other heavy and light cannon were dotted all the way up the canal.

On the right bank there were lookout posts with soldiers that looked as if they were out in the desert for to long on their own. Some of the guard posts had decorative paths, sand gardens and one even had 3 pyramids made out of breeze block erected beside it.

We came across a large parade ground with brightly coloured flags and a monument in the middle. It took a while to figure out what it was - a bayonet attached to the end of a rifle barrel !!. And a sign - Welcome to Egypt!!!

As we moved slowly up the canal we found ourselves going from one side of the ship to the other, to see either lush greenery or stark desert - amazing.
At one point we came across a ferry port with oil tankers as far as the eye could see coming from the desert side to the green side. Also a huge bridge in the middle of nowhere.

The other notable sights were rusty bits strewn around from the Israel, Egypt war, Ships round the corner that seemed to float on the sand.
Eventualy we reached the Med, as the sun set. The port was full of traffic and was busy with ferries, ships and small boats going from one bank to the other.
We docked here and waited for the the tour folk who had left the ship at 4am at the begining of the canal to go to the Pyramids, then drove on a further 3 and a half hours to rejoin us at the top of the canal. - they were a tired lot when they rejoined us.
So off we went into the Med and a step closer to home.

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22nd July 2009

suez canal
it's a very beautiful place to visit i never been there but after seen the pictures of suez canal i would certainly like to visit there. ------------------------------------------------------- sssunnysen sapience

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