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February 19th 2019
Published: February 19th 2019
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Hi everyone!

Yesterday I had my first day at the sea turtle project. I was assigned to feeding for the day, so I had to cut up the fish for them which was pretty gross, but I eventually got the hang of it. They have 4 different turtle species at the conservation: green turtles, loggerhead turtles, hawksbill turtles, and leatherback turtles. However, the only type of turtle that lives in Sri Lanka are the green turtles. The others have been found and rescued while they were migrating. My favorite one so far is a green turtle named Bob. He's been at the conservation for 6 years and is around 120 years old. Sadly he can't be released because he has floater syndrome, which is caused when turtles consume too must plastic, as it looks like their food (jellyfish). The plastic became stuck in his digestive track which caused a built up of gas causing him to float and not be able to dive down for food. But he's super sweet and everyone loves him.

I also got to help release the baby turtles that hatched 3 days ago into the ocean. Sea turtle can lay up to 100 eggs at once, so there's lots of them when they hatch. Everyone lined up on the sand and watched their turtle crawl into the ocean. Sadly only 5% of baby turtles survive, but I have faith in my little one. We release them when the suns going down since the sharks can't see anymore at that hour and it gives them a higher chance of survival.

I'm really enjoying it hear so far and the people have all been great! I'll keep you posted again soon!

Kaitlyn <3

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19th February 2019

Hi Kaitlyn! Thank you for the entry! I love turtles! It is so special what you doing. And now you can even cut up raw fish :) I am looking forward to many more news and stories from you. We miss you here. Have the time of your life, girl! Love, Antje and kids
21st February 2019

Very cool
Kaitlyn it's so great you are learning this and helping these species. Looking forward to reading your next entry. Be careful over there.

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