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November 6th 2008
Published: November 6th 2008
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1: Dolphins 80 secs
Statue of LibertyStatue of LibertyStatue of Liberty

I've always thought this statue would be alot bigger then it really was. It looks soo much bigger in the movies.
hey everyone. we made it out on the open ocean and now were heading into the intercoastal waterway. we stoped off in annapolis for a couple days. we had some engine problems. but dont worry were getting that all taken care of. although if anyone has a spare motor they would like to donate to us for our trip that would be very appreciated! were traveling in the chesapeake bay on our way to norfolk where the real intercoastal starts. we really underestamated the great atlantic ocean. we had a few waves come over the stern but everything is fine well brendan got a little wet and our little radio was sitting in a foot of water in the cockpit but other then that it was pretty fun. surfing down waves and having to really hold on. when we were leaving atlantic city harbour we were sailing with the dolphins. just like something you would see in a movie but it was real life on 'my life'! they were jumpin up right next to us and right up at the bow! amazing to be able to do something like that! atlantic city was somethin pretty different too. seeing all the buildings
First CaseFirst CaseFirst Case

This is me with my first case of beer. It's like i turned 19 all over again. but im 21 in the states!
lite up at night. i dont recomend walking through the ghetto at night though. not very safe.. but its worth it to go and see the city! the trump casino right on the water was really amazing i had to gamble a little. no success but it was still fun. im going to put some pictures up now from the trip so far, some of passing through nyc and some of the dolphins that we were sailing with. we'll keep you posted as much as we can.

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This is our most popular meal. its really the only thing we have the most of. good old kraft dinner!
The DolphinsThe Dolphins
The Dolphins

That was the coolest thing ever. Just like in a movie but better!
Good eats!Good eats!
Good eats!

This is one of our gourmet meals we made one night. it was a drunken chicken with potatos and fried onions
Rough windsRough winds
Rough winds

Try and guess who this is! this is how we had to sail in pre storm winds.
$50 worth of booze$50 worth of booze
$50 worth of booze

This is how we make up for the exchange rate. 1.75L of the Captain and 36 beer only 50 bucks

6th November 2008

I'm so proud of you guys. I cant wait to see more pics and here about the places your going to see. Keep safe. Love yas
7th November 2008

dolphins and other things
Great to see those little video clips. Very cool watching the dolphins. Not surprised that the ocean was a bit startling. Really happy things are going well. We are all envious. You might want to email the link to Gabrielle at West. Fair Winds Ruth SV Witchcraft
16th November 2008

we dont have gabrielle's e-mail but yo can tell her about it and mention the fact that we are in the market for a new engine, maybe a display model or something cheers have a good one
16th November 2008

Whoo Hoo!! YAY!!!!
OMFG You guys rock!! I am so glad you guys decided to post the blog page so us silly people with obligations here could enjoy a taste of the adventure! Wish I was there.... dolphins and big waves beer and tornado watches holy crap sounds like fun lol. Stay safe , we all rootin for ya's at home and can hardly wait for ya's to get back so we have a good reason to party. I goy Jack as a boatneighbor now so I have to behave lol
1st December 2008

Enquiring minds want to know?
Hey guys, where are you? How is it going? what is new and exciting in other words? WE jealous people trapped in winter WANT to know. Cheers SV Witchcraft
17th December 2008

Hello from Stephen on The Full Monty
Hi there Guys Like many of us in Kingston marina, freezing our rear ends off, I am following your blog with interest. As Xmas nears we wish you a good holiday down there. We will fly over you on Saturday Dec 20 and will look down in case you wave. In case you don't remember this is the bearded bloke with the British accent and the blue boat on "your dock". Keep the pointed end forward !
4th February 2009
The dolphins are lovely! Love the vid. Hope you can feature more of Atlantic city in your travels, I would like to see the seascape of that city. Thanks for sharing!

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