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Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis April 5th 2017

Geo: 12.568, -70.0217Today we rented 4 wheel drive buggies and explored the uninhabited side of Aruba. Great time!... read more
Alan and Ellen Banditos
The buggies
Along the shore

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis April 4th 2017

Geo: 12.568, -70.0217... read more
Leeward beaches

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis April 3rd 2017

Geo: 12.568, -70.0217... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis April 2nd 2017

First full day at sea! Both enjoyed sleeping in. My tooth is not giving any trouble whatsoever!! Yippee!! Capt announced that we had stopped during the night at Nassau to drop off a sick passenger! Never even noticed!! Still getting oriented on the ship. Found that there is a HUGE salad bar up in the buffet & you can just point at everything & they put it in a bowl, then mix everything up for you! Lovely! Also discovered something they call a Tea Dance in the afternoon in the Ocean Lounge. They only played for 45 minutes, but they were very good & we danced all but one of their tunes. Even an Argentine Tango!! It was our first "Gala" night on this cruise. We decided to just join a table for 6 & met ... read more
2 - Transatlantic - boarding Koningsdam, wandering ship, first dinner & cabin animal, Sun, 2 Apr 2017 (3)
2 - Transatlantic - boarding Koningsdam, wandering ship, first dinner & cabin animal, Sun, 2 Apr 2017 (11)
3 - Transatlantic - First dinner & show, Sun, 2 Apr 2017 (1)

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis March 17th 2017

Geo: 17.3402, -62.7676... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis March 16th 2017

Geo: 17.0817, -61.8077I think we have been here before but my memory fails me. I don't remember it. We arrived about 8 and docked right in the city of St. John's, the capital. It wasn't long until we were tied off and received Clearance to come ashore. Sure nothing like we experienced in South America.We got off and waited what seemed like forever before we were taken to our bus for our tour. Dennis was or driver and guide. 78 years old and born and raised on the island. Very narrow streets and small busses. We travel along the center road to the other side of the island to Shirley Heights. Beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea. We then traveled around and through parts of town to Nelson Dockyard. Very nice well kept up British Naval ... read more
Shopping area

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis March 15th 2017

Geo: 14.65, -61.0208Today was a mixed bag of weather. We had showers, downpours and sunshine. But unfortunately we never saw the clouds leave so we could see the mountains or the volcano. We left the pier are in sunshine but it didn't last long. We left and headed toward St. Pierre which is the old capital of Martinique. Most of these villages are fishing villages with fish stand along the road. The roads are narrow and it is very mountainous. We then travel to the area of the island where much of what we saw was old partial building that had been destroyed by the eruption of the volcano and what had been rebuilt since 1902. The beaches in the area are black sand and rock. This kind of soil,is very good for growing fresh fruits ... read more
Pier leading into Martinique

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis March 1st 2017

Geo: 22.6367, 97.3911Honestly, who knew...?! 1) that Pyin Oo Lwin, a small town in northern Myanmar, could have such beautiful botanical gardens? We stretched out a couple hour visit to a whole day, riding our bikes, wandering, taking photos, watching a movie being made, watching people, animals, flowers. And did you know that children of all cultures skip as an expression of carefree joy in the moment? It's like the urge wells up and they break free with this simple dance step that is universally known in our bodies. I have observed it everywhere...parks, airports, streets. Take a look next time you are in a public place. 2) that a train ride can be so good and so bad?! That you can get bedbugs on a day train with wooden seats and open wind... read more
The Gokteik Viaduct
Heading somewhere
He gave Donna a rose & melted her heart

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis February 24th 2017

Geo: 26.2149, 50.5879I woke up and prepared for the day, including breakfast around 9:30 on the 2nd floor of the Rotana. The buffet was quite large and included essentially any item you could want.I started the day's walk by going next door to the Bab Al Bahrain (old British gateway to the piers) and took a picture with my stand-in Geoff. Unfortunately our rendezvous was cancelled due to his work calling him away unexpectedly. From there I walked east along the main road gawking at the odd-shaped skyscrapers all around. Before I reached the bridge to Muharraq I turned south into some neighborhoods and walked until I reached a gate, which I quickly figured out was the country's palace. I inadvertently took the long way around the unexpectedly large palace grounds and walked past the Grand ... read more
View of Manama from the Rotana Downtown
View of Manama from the Rotana Downtown
Bab Al Bahrain

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis February 22nd 2017

Geo: 19.7234, -81.7902Sleeping in until 10 today, everybody's up and ready for breakfast. It's just a simple matter of getting dressed. Our room has plenty of breakfast already here from room service but it's been sitting in Scarlett's room and it's cold. We sit and wait & wait for Queenie to beautify but by 11, it doesn't seem to be happening so Karen, Jonathan and I leave for the Windjammer breakfast. We arrive there and find it a perfect place for breakfast. Everybody's else is done already. We find a nice table, get our food and watch for Scarlett. For 45 minutes we watch. She finally shows and we leave her to eat in solitude while Mom goes down to the stores and checks out the sales. Not much going on which is good for me. ... read more

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