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Oceania » Tuvalu » Funafuti December 28th 2015

Tuvalu: Unknown Paradise in the Pacific Like a needle in a haystack, a speck of land appears in the Pacific. As it lands on the runway, the 30 seat plane pulled up to the international airport, with the appropriate code FUN. As I waited to disembark, there was a noticeable sense of cheer outside. Walking towards to the shack like airport and through immigration I was told the twice weekly airline landing was the nations highlight. The airport was Funafuti's version of Downtown. Just a few minutes after, I have my bag and walk the 100 meters to Vaiaku Lagi, my hotel for the next five nights. Funafuti is the largest atoll in the tiny South Pacific Island nation, Tuvalu. Approximately half way between Australia and Hawaii, it boasts the worlds fourth smallest area and ... read more

Oceania » Tuvalu » Funafuti February 4th 2010

Tuvalu is the fourth smallest country in the world. It is visited by less than 100 tourists yearly and has recently made headlines, as it believes it will be the first victim of global warming. Beyond all this is a beautiful nation with friendly locals and relaxed attitude. Tuvalu has one international airport, on the main island of Funafuti. The airport code is FUN and this country is fun. You don’t end up in Tuvalu by accident. Air Pacific flies in twice a week with a 44-seater airplane. The runway is the centre of the Funafuti atoll and you have a crowd of onlookers waving and clapping as you exit the airplane and go through customs. Three people on the plane with me, who were also staying at the hotel were .Pete, an English guy living ... read more

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