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Oceania » Tonga » 'Eua November 17th 2016

'Eua is an hour by fast ferry - and a lifetime away! Still a traditional Tongan island in many ways it is a nature lovers paradise. But of course we chose the wettest weekend this year to go! But what's a little rain amongst 7 intrepid travellers. The "things that can really go wrong" did not stop there. When we arrived slightly green from the trip and really, really wet no one came from our booked accommodation. But one of our party had a friend who knew someone who asked someone - and we secured a lovely little cottage. We managed some walks - mostly wearing black plastic bin liners. But it was so worth any discomfort - lovely forests, sweeping coastlines and even wild horses. In part it looked more like the Welsh moors than ... read more
Land Bridge Eua
Wild Horses Eua

Oceania » Tonga » 'Eua August 1st 2008

Malo, Well I am back in the land of the long white cloud now, or should that be long grey rain cloud. This is my final installment on Tonga. Just off the coast of Tongatapu is the island of 'Eua, it is a quick 10 minute flight across and easily visited in a day trip. 'Eua is amazing in that it is completely different from Tongatapu, and yet is so close. It is a hilly volcanic island, in contrast to the completely flat, highly cultivated Tongatapu. The flight over to 'Eua was great because we flew over a pod of 5 humback whales cruising between 'Eua and Tongatapu. We landed at a tiny runway on the island where I was picked up from the airport by the Hideaway Resort and taken to the resort for breakfast. ... read more
Pod of whales
Royal Coffee plantation
Giant Banyan Tree

Oceania » Tonga » 'Eua December 14th 2007

Photos from our Tonga trip in June 2007. Travelled with family members for Marco's daughter's wedding in Eua. A great place for a family trip, lots of adventure in the rainforest with 4wds and not overrun with tourists. Recommended places to stay - on Eua - Hideaway resort and on Tongatapu - Heilala Holiday Lodge.... read more
Marco with the happy couple
Perfect Getaway at Hideaway Eua
Julie and Marco on an Eua beach

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