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August 9th 2009
Published: August 9th 2009
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We have spent the past 5days in Honiara, not my favorite place in the world waiting for the rest of the guest to arrive - which they did today Sunday - we now have 6 onboard. The plan was to leave as soon as they arrived however, the dingy had a mishap yesterday and we have to get the outboard fixed before we head out. Fortunately, Brian’s father-in-law owns the Yamaha dealership and we will get preferential treatment tomorrow. So we are hoping to be off Monday afternoon.

This weekend, Honiara was guest to the US navy and South Pacific Australia and New Zealand navy. They have been remembering the victory of Guadalcanal by the US in 1942 - during the Second World War. They had a reception at the Point Cruz yacht Club where the US band played, several wreaths were laid, speeches made etc. Yesterday afternoon (Saturday) I attended a concert put on jointly by the Solomon Island Police and the US Navy. I went with another Yacthie - Mike (whose wife brought muffins the first morning Brian and I arrived in Honiara). His wife is visiting the UK and he is here on his own. Mike and I walked to the location - ½ hrs walk away. Both bands preformed individually and then together. The US Navy participants were interested in getting the audience up and involved playing instruments etc. It was lovely to watch and great music. It ended about 5.45pm - Mike and I walked back and had a drink at the Yacht Club and he took me to my boat. When I got back, the rest of the people had left to go night diving. It was great to have some time on my own for awhile.

Brian and I have been provisioning the boat over the past few days. We went to the market yesterday and brought fresh veggies and fruit. They have the most delicious pineapples here - so…… sweet. Brian says we will be able to buy local produce when we go to the other islands I hope so cos I don’t think we have enough for the 12 days. I will probably be making bread by the end. I got Jan’s muffin recipe and tried it out the last time we were in Honiara, however, I have been unsuccessful in finding a muffin pan to buy ( last time we borrowed one for the hotel - Manadan) So Today, I borrowed Mike’s muffin pan and made a three batches but only 2 batches got put in the freezer. We will have fresh muffins and fruit for breakfast tomorrow before I return the pan.

I have rebooked my flight home and will be arriving home on 2nd September. Hopefully my tooth will be OK. I intend to dive and see how it goes.


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