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Oceania » Pitcairn Islands April 12th 2015

Sunday 12th – Pitcairn Island – UK Territory As the tenders could not dock at Pitcairn Island the Islanders came aboard to sell their wares and to give a lecture on island life. We learnt only around 50 people live on the island, from the lady giving the lecture who was a sixth generation decedent of Fletcher Christian from Munity on the Bounty. She explained that island life is to very tough and self sufficient as supplies only arrived on a cargo ship every three months. If someone fell ill they could only leave if a ship was passing close enough to divert and pick them up or alternatively they would need to make at least a two day journey on a long boat to a nearby island with an airport. We were lucky to meet ... read more
Pitcairn Island residents travelled to join us by long boat
Pitcairn Islanders returning home
The port of Pitcairn Island

Oceania » Pitcairn Islands August 14th 2014

At Sea: During the day we will steam on a westerly course across the Pacific Ocean towards Pitcairn Island. The bridge of the Dawn Princess is the nerve centre of all matters relating to safety and navigation. It is equipped with all the latest technologies which enable the ship to navigate world wide. The bridge is manned 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The ship operates a watch keeping system, splitting each day into 8 X 4 hour watches per day, with 8 hours off watch in between. The watch timings are 12-4, 4-8, and 8-12 both day and night. During their off watch period the teams are engaged in other duties, ranging from planning future cruises, safety inspections, deck maintenance and safety training. Whilst navigating in confined areas, restricted visibility, or during high ... read more
Peru Naval ship

Oceania » Pitcairn Islands » Pitcairn January 24th 2013

Lima to Easter Island and Pitcairn Island On our first day in Lima we took a shopping tour to the Indian Market, famous for having just about anything one would want to buy in Peru and the prices are very good. Bargaining is expected, and from there it is up to us to get the best deals. The bus ride took almost an hour to get there because the traffic is bad. There is no public commuter rail, only local busses and taxis to carry the 9 million people to and from work. Peru is known as the largest silver producer in South America so there is much very beautiful silver jewelry available. I bought a pretty pendant and earrings with small stones set in silver. Alpaca wool is plentiful, and weavers produce some lovely sweaters, ... read more

Oceania » Pitcairn Islands » Pitcairn February 4th 2011

Friday Feb 4th, 2011 South Pacific Ocean Latitude 26 degrees 34 minutes south- Longitude 115 degrees 7 minutes west We have left Rapa Nui in our wake as we head west. Rapa Nui is what the native people call Easter Island. We had an absolutely fantastic day exploring the island and visiting with the local people. Jane and I walked into town from the tender dock which was an easy hike of about a mile. The island is actually part of Chile so the local people speak Spanish. It began to rain and so we ducked under a covered pavilion near the waterfront. A whole group of local children emerged in unison from what looked like a school with their surfboards. We later learned that this was a surfing competition which was part of a two ... read more
Easter Island 054
Easter Island 008
Easter Island 024

Oceania » Pitcairn Islands » Pitcairn January 31st 2007

Day 17 - Pitcairn Island Latitude: 25 degrees 3.59 minutes S Longitude: 130 degrees 05.35 minutes W Speed: 0 (At anchor) Seas: Calm Winds: Moderate breeze Miles traveled from FLL: 5,906 nautical miles Weather: Sunny, 78 degrees Our ship’s time changed again last night—back one more hour (PST). We arrived at Pitcairn Island at about 8:00 this morning, where we are anchored out, and where we boarded all 45 local islanders to spend the morning with us on the ship. We are told that there are only 45 inhabitants, from nine families, on this island making it notable for being the least populated jurisdiction in the world! The Pitcairn Islands are a group of four islands in the southern Pacific Ocean that are the last remaining British overseas territory in the Pacific. Only Pitcairn Island is ... read more
The boat the islanders came to our ship in!
Drew and Matt's new friend, Ralph
Ralph's house is the center white one!

Oceania » Pitcairn Islands » Pitcairn January 30th 2007

Day 16 - Still Bound for Pitcairn Island Latitude: 25 degrees 47.98 minutes S Longitude: 122 degrees 43.81 minutes W Speed: 17.0 knots (average) Seas: Slight, 1.5 - 4 feet Winds: Moderate breeze Miles traveled from FLL: 5,504 nautical miles Weather: Sunny, 75 degrees Our ship’s time changed again last night—back one more hour! We are at sea for the second of five days. “We” are back in school now for the next four days along with some shipboard lectures on Polynesian culture, plant and animal life, and customs. There is way too much to keep us busy, but we really need to be working on our South Pacific tans! The boys have been “dying” to tell you about the food aboard the ship! They do not want to go home—they have become sooooo spoiled with ... read more

Oceania » Pitcairn Islands » Pitcairn February 10th 2006

PITCAIRN ISLAND I’m sure most people have read or seen “Mutiny on the Bounty,” the story of the mutinous crew of the Bounty, headed by Fletcher Christian, and the infamous Capt. Bligh. After setting Capt. Bligh and his few faithful crew adrift in a small boat, the mutineers headed for the tiny uninhabited island of Pitcairn, a two-square mile speck of rock in the middle of the South Pacific. It was 1790. This story was repeated to us on the way to Pitcairn Island by William Christian, a present-day descendant of the original Fletcher Christian. William Christian was born on Pitcairn Island but presently lives in England. He told us of his 50 relatives and friends who still live on the island, all of them descendants of the original band of 9 mutineers and the 18 ... read more
Pitcairn Islanders
Pitcairn Islanders
Setting Up Shop

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