Photos from East New Britain, Papua New Guinea, Oceania

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Japanese memorial
Hot springs
Rabaul harbour
Rabaul country club
Maintained museum by Australia
Bitapaka Cemetery
Nature will have it's way-Kokopo Museum
Kokopo Museum-Japanese shells
Japanese barge tunnels
Volcanic harbour- Mt Tavurvur smoking
Rabaul tour guide Anna
Tarvurvur Caldera
Steep valleys and ridges
A farewell choir
City Destroyed
Farewell Tavurvur
Tunnels in the hillside 3
Tunnels in the hillside 2
Tunnels in the hillside 1
Rugged Ridges
Tavurvur across the bay
Japanese Defence Bunker
The Island that was.
Japanese twin engined bomber
Engine from a Zero fighter
WW II relics at the old airport
At the base of Tavurvur
PNG tourist buses
Memories for John
Volcano steaming
Local Choir
Danger steaming
Rabqaul Harbour 6
Rabaul Harbour 5
Rabaul Harbour 4
Rabaul Harbour 3
Rabaul Harbour 2
Rabaul Harbour 1
Entering Rabaul Harbour
Enough blue for hope
No bright sunrise today
And more volcanos
Harbour View
More Volcano
More Locals
Vapourizing last night's rain.
Waiting for the sunset
Some of the Locals
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