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February 10th 2009
Published: February 10th 2009
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Dear all,
Where to begin?? We arrived here in Palau in the early hours of the morning feeling sleepy but excited. We had finally arrived at one of our dream destinations!! Palau is a group of islands and we stayed in Koror as its a good jumping off point for all of the divesites.

Next morning we were up early even though we had barely slept as we were eager to explore Palau. We wandered into Koror town and I was feeling a little was just a town, where was my amazing tropical island??

Next day we got on a dive boat and that was when I realised that you have to go out to sea to realise that the other parts of Palau are beautiful...totally beautiful and like nothing that I had ever seen before! Our first dive was great, we saw a few sharks and the water was crystal clear. We stopped for lunch on a beach and it was stunning. Then we did our second dive. We started off diving down through a blue hole and then came around blue corner. I spotted a shark below me and got quite excited...then I looked up and realised that I was surrounded by sharks! I started counting them and stopped when I got to 35! The current was quite strong and so we all hooked onto the reef and then watched the shark action!

In total we did three days of diving and this is the best diving that I have ever done. We have seen sharks, Manta rays, huge wrasse, Giant trevallys.....I could go on and on. One day we stopped for lunch on the island where Survivor was filmed two years running. I spent most of the lunch break taking photos because it was so unbelievable!

Yesterday we went to a place called jelly fish lake. It is a saltwater lake which is full of billions and billions of Jelly fish. The jelly fish have evolved without stings and so you can go in the lake and snorkel with them. At first I was quite afraid as I still remember very clearly what a jelly fish sting feels like...but once I was surrounded by hundreds of them and had not felt anything I was happy enough. Its a very strange sensation being brushed against by so many jelly fish. Dan and I had the whole lake to ourselves and it was a very peaceful spot.

I have so many photos to show you all but sadly you will have to wait. The internet connection here is so poor that it just cant take a photo upload. Tonight Dan and I fly on to Chuuk, its quite a long journey as we fly from here to Yap, then onto Guam and then finally arrive in Chuuk. If the internet there is better then I will upload the photos....then you will see what I am talking about!!

Love to you all and take care,


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