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February 20th 2016
Published: February 20th 2016
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I write this blogpost at the airport, waiting for my gate to open. This day has been really emotional! Last night I had a wonderful evening with Oli and his entire family. We had some yummy food and drinks and then culminated the night with a table tennis tournament (I managed to lose 6 games in a row... So obviously lost all my dignity and pride too). Oli and I spent today at the beach (I had to get one last look at the beautiful big blue... I'm going to miss it so much!). It was really tough saying bye to everyone but here are some things that I know: 1) no place or person is too far away that you can't make time to see them if you want to, 2) being sad about leaving these people and this country is a natural and necessary part of this experience, 3) I WILL be back in NZ again! So now, I sit here, waiting for the next chapter; anticipating the exciting things that are coming my way and excited to reunite with my dear family and friends that I've missed so much. This year has been the best year of my life. I've grown so much, seen so much, done so much and above all learnt how to love myself, take chances, be brave and live spontaneously. It's time to look forward to see what's next in store for me but I know that no matter what that is, I will cherish this past year and the memories I've made forever and Aotearoa (New Zealand) will always be home away from home.


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