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January 16th 2011
Published: January 16th 2011
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I want to take an opportunity to reflect on a recent occurrence in my life here in New Zealand that is significant in its rarity. Since my arrival to this wonderful place, I....read.....a...book. And not just a book mind you full of pictures and such (my usual fare), but an epic monster tallying over 900 pages. I'll give those who passed out from this news a second to recover, as I was confused with the event myself. There. So, what's interesting here is that this book has two more sequels, which I already own waiting in the safety of my house in Colorado, however, they are difficult to read from that distance. Now I didn't think to bring these other two books, because lets be honest, I figured to be a new pages into the current one before returning home anyway. Apparently...I CAN read. So, as my two companions find particularly hilarious, I felt so strongly to finish the set of books that we found a book store in a near by town, where I repurchased the books for an absurd price considering that fact I OWN them. However, there was great joy in finding these books, especially because they were the only two copies left at the store; truly it was meant to be. Anyway, I thought it was odd and interesting to take a break from my back packing adventures and comment on another achievement in my life.

For anyone curious, I was on book V of THE DARK TOWER by Stephen King, and needed to find out now how it ends with books VI and VII. And yes I did read the first four years ago, but the time is finally here to finish it.


16th January 2011

Those books are amazing.
I'm reading the Dark Tower series right now too! They are amazing. I'm about halfway through the fourth one right now. -high five- Yay, awesome books!
17th January 2011

The Dark Tower
In two days I'm 200 pages into book six.....this is not good :)
19th January 2011

A book man?!
I'm shocked. I've been hearing tales of New Zealand Beauty, hiking, hardship, elk, etc. and now I have to comment. You read a book! I always knew you could read :) I guess now I have to read Dark Tower. Anthony won't shutup about it. In between sobs that is...he cries when you're not here. It's pathetic.

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