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March 1st 2009
Published: March 1st 2009
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moeraki bouldersmoeraki bouldersmoeraki boulders

good thing i'm hitchhiking, cuz this day trip wouldn't have been worth the gas money. they were cool to see though, and it was nice to get out of rainy dunedin for the morning.
look at these quick succession entries! this is what happens when it rains so hard you can't go outside ... everyone at home gets to find out what you've been up to.

as promised, here are some photos from my adventures in dunedin, moeraki, the catlins coast and wanaka.

dunedin was rainy, and i stupidly didn't take any photos. i met some really cool people and we had a lot of fun and i'd like you to see who they are, but alas, i didn't get out my camera. i had fun though, i swear.

i went up one morning to moeraki to see the famed(?) moeraki boulders. maori legend has it that they were some sort of carrying vessels that washed up on shore after a shipwreck and turned into these spherical rocks. i couldn't tell you what they really are because it didn't say anywhere, but i met a canadian on the beach and we decided that they're dragon eggs ... i think some of them have hatched already, so watch out!

after some more rain in dunedin i jumped in a minivan with a couple of swedes and a german that i had met
somewhere in the catlinssomewhere in the catlinssomewhere in the catlins

pretty coast right? the sun was out, i have about a million photos from different places along the coast with different beaches and rocks. and ocean. and sky. i'll show you later.
before in christchurch, and the four of us headed down through the catlins. just as the clouds were breaking in dunedin. the trip down the coast was lovely. blue skies, beaches, sea lions, dolphins, rocks, coral ... etc. it took a couple of days and we camped out in the van and a tent in random places off the road. at least it was free i guess? and we made it out alive! it was gorgeous.

we took a turn north when we got to invercargill and headed to wanaka. it was a really great stopping place. i ran into my english friends from dunedin which was great, and we drank too much and played by the water. it was the first really summery weather i've experienced so that was excellent. helle, one of my swedish companions turned 22 on friday, so we celebrated by going to puzzling world, laying in the sun eating cake, and going to the cinema paradiso (couches, fresh-baked cookies, burn after reading) that night.

now i'm in fox glacier hoping to go for a three day hike if the department of conservation keeps the trail open after the last two days of torrential
giant cynthia!giant cynthia!giant cynthia!

puzzling world! spent the beautiful day in wanaka at puzzling world, don't worry, there was an outdoor labyrinth so we weren't inside being dorks all day. we were also outside being dorks. sidenote: helle won the race through the maze so kira and i had to split her movie ticket that night.
rain. i'll keep you posted!


2nd March 2009

I thought they were dinosaur eggs when i was there, but probably dragons too.... :)

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