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November 5th 2011
Published: November 5th 2011
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After a late night last night I was surprised that I woke up with a minimal hangover and after a few slices of toast and some OJ felt much better.

I chose to sit at the front of the bus this time to limit the swinging motion you feel at the back, which would only worsen the hangover. I have to say that being in the front with the huge windows looking out as we drive through the beautiful New Zealand is pretty awesome. Today we bunjy jump off a bridge into water, and do the shotover jet on our way to Queenstown.

I slept for some of the bus ride since I had some shuteye to catch up on. But when we stopped at the Bunjy jump place I was wide awake and ready to go. I was a little nervous but not too bad. I changed into my swimming trunks and cal jersey and got weighed and headed up to the bridge.

It has been abnormally cold for New Zealand and it being summer. So there was snow on the mountains and we drove through a lot of snow and it was even snowing while we were driving. On the bridge I was definitely freezing.

There I was on the bridge in a light jersey, swimming trunks with the cold chilled wind blowing in my face, snow capped mountains in the background and an icy cold river flowing below.

As I stepped onto the platform, I could feel my nipples harden up and everything want to sink into my stomach. I swear my nipples were hard as diamonds up on that ledge with minimal clothes and all that wind. I looked to my left gave a good face to all the onlookers, looked up smiled for the camera, they counted down from 5!
And I pindropped right off the bridge and straight PLOPPED into the water up to my chest! AMAZING! And bloody cold! I could hear all the cheers and gasps from the observatory deck and boy it felt good!

I got pulled off the bunjy by a boat on the river and then had to run up the hill to keep my body warm until I got to the store where I could stand below the heaters with a warm towel.

As I reached the observatory deck I was received with warm high fives and then headed in to change into some dry clothes and check out the pics, which by the way are LEGENDARY!!! You will see them when I get a chance to upload them.

After the bunjy we headed out to a different river to do the Shotover Jet. This is basically a jet boat that can go SUPER fast and go on as little as 10cm of water.

I wasn't sure what to expect with the Shotover Jet, but I have to say I was very surprised and satisfied. We got there and were given a large raincoat which I was definitely swimming in. I thought I looked like a vampire. We also donned a lifevest and then all jumped into the boats, which seated a maximum of 14 people. I got the back left seat. I figured with all the speed turning and drifting getting the back I would feel the most torque and get the best ride. And I would probably get the most wet.

The ride was fantastic. It was exhilarating to be going that fast and our driver was SO GOOD. He would drift around rocks and get so close to trees and rocks in the river and on the banks. Even one time one of the branches missed our heads by about 6 inches as we drifted sideways underneath them. We did 360 turnarounds and drifted all over the place. The rails to hold on were heated which were good to keep the hands warm since it was soo cold. My face practically froze as I couldn't feel a thing with all the water on them and the cold breeze, which was only amplified at the speed we were travelling. Definitely an awesome thing to do if you ever get a chance to do it!

After the two exciting things today we jumped back on the bus and headed into Queenstown to our new Accomodations. Again views from the hotel are amazing with the lake in the background and snow capped mountains.

Tonight we go out for dinner up on a mountaintop and then do a pub crawl. Tomorrow I have to wake up and be ready by 6:40am to go to Milford Sound. Hopefully I survive!!

btw. Internet access is shotty and being on the tour I'm not able to get as much time to blog, since there's so much going on and craziness! I'll probably be posting blogs more irregularly all in one shot. And pictures may lag and come later. So check back for pictures in the future if you don't see any now. =)

NEW QUIZ!!! For New Zealand.

Pronounce the following/spell phonetically. (BTW no one has tried to answer the last one.. come on)

1. Dunedin
2. NZ
3. Whakatane
4. Whakamaru
5. Waitomo

Try your luck at those!


5th November 2011

1. Dunedin - dojo 2. NZ - En - Zee 3. Whakatane - Waka waka 4. Whakamaru - Wassssup 5. Waitomo - Why eat omo?
5th November 2011

haha love the waka waka attempt. Gotta say you got some good ones there. Their all supposedly English or so they would have you think.

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