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January 14th 2008
Published: February 7th 2008
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Sorry, been a while as there is little or no internet access in Fiji.

Brief round up of New Z... As is was so nice in Wanaka decided to stay for a couple more days. Basically just sitting on the gravel beach and swimming in the lake soaking up the sun and eating ice cream, sorry guys but can't lie! On the last day decided to go for a quick hike before the bus. So up at 5.30am and started walking to the beginning of the track (6km) hoping to hitch. Luckily got a lift most of the way, was really far.

Then off up the mountain, amazing views over the lakes. Back down after a spot of lunch on the top and then off to Queenstown. So many activities but decided after the sky dive to keep spending to a minimum so didn't do anything too mad. Lovely place though and the New Z Rugby 7's tournament was on so went to watch that one afternoon, lots of fun. Mainly spent the time wandering the city and going out.

Next stop Christchurch and went straight to stay with Kath and Alan in Kaiapoi, just 10k out of
The Blue PoolsThe Blue PoolsThe Blue Pools

bloddy freezing, only attempted a paddle
town. Lovely to spend some time in a house again and got some very lovely meals and luxuries (very big thankyou!!!). Then staying in Christchurch for a couple of night as some of the others had caught us up!

Then off to Fiji, so hot and humid and after arriving at the hotel, tropical rain time! Turned out to do the same thing at 5pm everyday after sun all day, but wet season! No good! Got on a boat to Mana Island a day later though and the weather was alot nicer in the evening. Amazing island surrounded by reef and as soon as we arrived just sat in the sea in the sun, very beautiful and relaxing!

Next day went snorkelling and saw a black tip reef shark! Was cool for a second but then a little scary, is actually a shark in front of me! Signed up for my PAdI course and started the next day but had some problems with my ear as it was full of water after the snorkelling! Did one dive though which was amazing, bit marred by the ear though!

Unfortunately it got worse so went back on the boat

View along the beach back to town
to the mainland for the afternoon to see the doctor. Got some drops and pills hoping it would be better in a couple of days. Then came the typoon(hurricane), lots of wind and rain and changing burre(traditional hut) due to all the leaks! Lasted for 5 days, boo, so slept and read on the deck sheltering from the rain! Pretty cool though, but after 5 days a little tedious!

No joy with the ear after a week so had to go back to mainland again a better doctor. Turned out I needed to do things a little different so after visisting the pharmacy for some more different pills, fingers crossed again! But definately no diving at all! Lame!

Also very funny, a girl came over to the table as she thought i'd taken her monkey. She had another george from revolution, what are the chances!

Also had another camera stolen, damn locals! Everyone was really friendly but one bad apple cleaner! But thanks to Joe have a few pics for you all.

Weather slowly improved but still lots of rain. After 2 wks went back to mainland and stayed in a suite with Jo, Caroline and Ant as they didn't have any dorm space, a little different from island living, very sweet! In need of a good clean.

Then went to Suva with Joe as we're flying out at the same time. Spent some time seeing the city and doing normal ish things. Going to stay in another resort for the last few days and fly to Sydney on the 13th. Running low on cash so gonna stay in Oz for only a few weeks a think and get to cheap Asia as soon as poss!

Much Love!

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The final of the 7'sThe final of the 7's
The final of the 7's

New Zealand teams, victorius Aukland
The New Z gangThe New Z gang
The New Z gang

enjoying a few beers at the rugby
Ratu Kini's lodgeRatu Kini's lodge
Ratu Kini's lodge

View of my home for 2 wks from the boat
Munkey Meyhem!Munkey Meyhem!
Munkey Meyhem!

George and his new friend!
Suite on the mainlandSuite on the mainland
Suite on the mainland

Me and Ant relaxing

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