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November 6th 2011
Published: November 7th 2011
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Waking up today took a little bit of an effort. After another good night I had to wake up at 6am to head off to Milford Sound at 6:40am. Again for breakfast I just put down a couple pieces of toast and several glasses of water. It seems that is just about all I can stomach in the mornings.

We loaded up on the bus and as soon as we boarded I knocked out for a couple hours. I came to at the first stop which was to take pictures at a picturesque spot and relieve bathroom urges. It was pretty cold and there were several clouds in the sky. I am becomming used to seeing cloudy and windy weather in New Zealand. We made a few stops on the trip up to Milford Sound. Some were better than others. As we were driving we drove through rain, sleet, and snow. We made a stop at this river between the mountain ranges where there was snow everywhere. Naturally we all made a few snowballs to throw at each other, drank from the river, and I even made a mini snowman.

The rest of the drive was pretty awesome. We went through some amazing scenery, with the mountains on either side, snow covering everything and the windy roads through the valleys. It was really picturesque.

Once we reached Milford Sound we boarded a small ship and headed out on the sound. As soon as we left the harbor to our right was a amazing waterfall. Milford Sound = AMAZING!!! I have never seen so many waterfalls in my life. And I don't think I will even ever see that many water falls ever again, even if I added up all the waterfalls I will see from now on. There were falls from every crevice on the cliff, off the tops of cliffs. Big ones, small ones, trickles, gushers, veils, and shear drops that would disperse like mist as it fell from shear height. Falls form 170m up and falls from 60m up. TRULY AWESOME! Definitely recommended to do it if you ever get a chance. I had purchased a smoked chicken and cranberry sauce sandwhich which I delightfully scourged down on the top of the boat overlooking all the scenery. You are in this sound with these cliffs surrounding you. Fantastic!

The ride back was also awesome. I stayed awake for the first hour as we drove through the hills and many waterfalls were still to be seen pouring down form the cliffs as the snow melted. After we got out of the hills I passed out for the rest of the trip, getting some good sleep.

Once back into town we payed for our optionals, changed, and headed out to Queenstown for some Fergburger. Fergburger is supposed to be one of the best burger places. The burger was pretty big and definitely delicious. After dinner we headed out to the Minus 5 Bar. The Minus 5 bar is basically this bar of ice where the temperature is -5 degrees celsius. And the rest of the night cannot be disclosed on such public venues. So if you are curious ask when I get back!

Cheers! Tomorrow I do the World's Highest Cliff Jump, Canyon Swing, Australasia's Highest Bunjy Jump, and The World's Highest Swing. BIG DAY!


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