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February 22nd 2011
Published: February 22nd 2011
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Sup Everybody!

It's been a stunning pattern to always seem to report things accomplished here as "one of the coolest things of my life", but this last tramp proved the point with gusto. Just yesterday, I was walking down the giant Frans Josef Glacier, easily being one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It was a constant feeling of exhilaration from the combo of doing something a little dangerous, while still not ever feeling like you were going to die. We had some knowledge of what we were doing, and most of the gear people would suggest, but still conquered the Glacier and hiked up it to a remote, seldom used hut (Castle Rock) sitting on a ridge line with amazing views. According to a few calculations we could muster between us, an estimated 100,000 people journey onto the Frans Josef Glacier a year, most with guided tours but some on their own; of that number, only one hundred actually attempt and reach the hut we stayed at for two nights! All back country huts in New Zealand have log books to sign and leave intentions (partially in case they have to go looking for you), but what made this hut so cool was the book went back 36 years worth of people. Very astonishing, considering other places we've visited average over 4,000 people a year. Sorry for all of the numbers and nerdy info, basically I'm trying to hint we're kinda cool 😊

Also, this entry would not be complete without adding another chapter into "The Night Chronicles of Chad." This wonderful event happen just last night, staying in a cabin at a holiday park. Chad bolted upright in his bunk and shouted, "Holy shit!!", with a combination of terror and amazement. He then proceeded to start pounding on the walls and ceiling frantically until he was roused fully awake. Apparently, in this dream he had fallen into a glacier crevasse, a fate we luckily eluded in real life.


25th February 2011

You guys are FUCKING cool. you only truly live when you might die.
1st March 2011

Gunnin for ya
Spensor, you are the one who is cool.

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