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September 28th 2015
Published: September 30th 2015
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Needing a coffee and toilet break, we stopped in the main street of Ross. Dean, having read about this town, felt there was more to it than a tired convenience store, a second hand goods place with way too many number plates on display and a public toilet that didn't rate higher than a 4/10 according to Dayna. A right turn at the junction and 100 metres up the hill and nestled amongst the cherry blossoms was a neatly presented historical precinct containing relics from the heyday of the gold rush. Eleanor took one step inside the old gaol and ran out, declaring it smelt like nan and pa's house. Yes, it did have that lingering odour of a pack a day chain smoker, so we made a hasty retreat but not before posing for the obligatory photo in the stocks.
Our next stop was Hokitika, where we sampled our first (and probably last) whitebait fritter. Basically an omelette containing whitebait instead of cheese, although I am curious as to why there is no cheese because it is paired with virtually every other food item here. Cheese IN a meat pie! Cheese on chips with gravy! Cheese and marmite scroll. Cheese and cheese with some extra cheese.
We had a walk around the town and popped into the museum, which was staffed by a friendly chap. Spying a copy of The Luminaries, it dawned on me that we were in the town where a lot of the action takes place. The guide then spent a while chatting to us about the novel and the town's history, which was quite fascinating.
We also took a peek inside a local jade factory, drove to the rocky beach strewn with driftwood and then headed off to Greymouth.

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3rd October 2015
Lake Mapourika

New Zealand
Oh so beautiful
6th October 2015
Lake Mapourika

A truly magnificent land
For two weeks we were blessed with the best weather. Sunshine and mild temperatures followed us around the south island.
3rd October 2015

Across the ditch...
I've been catching up on your NZ blogs Jane - gorgeous photos in this one. :)
6th October 2015

NZ is really a living postcard
Hi, thanks for noticing the loveliness of NZ. It would be very hard to take a bad photo - much like beautiful Tasmania. We were blessed with the best weather. Now to finish the blog and catch up on all the other ones I have missed, like your last big trip and all the delicious food you ate.

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