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August 5th 2006
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Well, I'm in NZ. Had a couple nights in Auckland, then got a domestic flight down here to Christchurch. Planning to do a quick tour of The South Island, then up into the north for the last few days, maybe including a skydive at Lake Taupo, and if I can get tickets, NZ v Australia in Auckland on 19th...

As for NZ, not sure I like it here. Especially after South America, it just seems, well, English basically. It's probably just because it hints at what it'll be like to go home that I'm not enjoying it too much so far! It also seems quite quiet, both in general terma, and more specifically, traveller terms. Bit of a surprise that.

Photos added to Easter Island and Tahiti blogs now...


5th August 2006

How can you not like NZ? Well I'm sure you'll like the more spectacular bits when you see them.
7th August 2006

New Zealand
What did you expect? It's the 'off-season' and NZ is not known as a party place - it's somewhere where life goes a bit slower, where you can chill and enjoy the scenery. Why do you think they invented bungey jumping?

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