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May 9th 2006
Published: May 9th 2006
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There are two daily busses from Queenstown to Christchurch. One takes a lot longer than the other, but takes in Mount Cook Township. Due to my lack of days I had been unable to check out Mt Cook (NZs highest hill) so I decided to take the journey. And of course sods law dealt its vicous hand, and there was bugger all to see but cloud. No Tasman Glacier. No Mount Cook. Just a crappy cafe and the same tourist tat you can buy at any bloody service stop anywhere in NZ.

To add insult to injury the bus driver embarked on a very informative tour. If only hed though about this one before he said it:- "The stone church to the left is infact man made, and made of stone".

Mindyou, this was stating the obvious. What I saw next was just a bit stupid. Picture the scene. Scale model of an Alpaca, with "Alpaca" written on it in HUGE letters. Small child walks up to Alpaca model, and says "Mummy, whats that". The child can be forgiven. Perhaps he can't read (which would be worrying at his age...). However the mothers response "it's a llama dear" was just bloody stupid. Thank god home education is not more prolific.


9th May 2006

I’m not sure what disgusts me more, how bad your day was or how bad your grammar has become. Are the colloquialisms of our Australian cousins rubbing off on you?

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