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February 26th 2009
Published: March 4th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

"Not all who wander are lost." -- Tolkien

Logic says to return home... Heart simply says, 'keep going.'

So, I have purchased a global ticket, an "Around the World" which gives me 14 destinations traveling over 31,000 miles (as the crow flys) over the next twelve months. So, on March 20th I'm departing from this Kiwiland Island Nation and flying back to the Land Downunder to see some ol' shipmates, then I'll be flying to Thailand, to Nepal, and then to Mongolia. Whilst in Mongolia, I shall board the Trans-Siberian Rail and journey across Russia, of which, incidentally, is a 5 day ride by train. Then I'm back on a plane out of Moscow to Turkey, to Greece. I'll board, yes! another frigging boat, and sail across the northern Mediterranean to Croatia. I'll fly from Croatia to Germany, make the rounds in Europe catching up with some travel mates by train and then it's the long road home to Pennsyltucky. I should be home in time for Thanksgiving dinner! After the holidays, I'll be in Denver for a month or so, and thereafter... hmmmm. I will have a return flight back to NZ should I want to use it, though, that's a year away... I'll leave it to be determined but as for now... ever onward.


4th March 2009

amen brother
4th March 2009

your my hero! keep havin fun. you aren't missing anything here!

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