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July 22nd 2008
Published: July 22nd 2008
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This is not a travel entry. It is a home entry. A strange and fabulous aberration, a marvellous whim of mother nature, has come into my possession. Whilst eating Ernest Adams apricot choc chip cookies, I pulled from the bag nothing less than a Siamese twin cookie! Two cookies joined in the middle during the process of creation; two separate cookies and yet they are as one. Such a thing had possibly not been seen by the eyes of man before and millennia may pass before such a rare event occurs again. The stern forces of nature do not lightly permit the survival of such monsters. Those that are best able to survive will prosper at the expense of those less fit. Predators will pick off the weak and disabled, and only the strong will live to further their kind.

Of course in the modern world things are not always as they would be in nature. The fate of this cookie would not neccessarily be the fate of his wild brethren. Whilst I struggled with the moral dilemma before me as to what would become of this unique specimen, I sealed him inside an air-tight container to preserve his freshness. Like the mercenary sadist that I am I at first contemplated putting him up for sale on the NZ auction site Trademe, but the longer he stayed in his airless prison the more his deliciousness called to me, pervading my very dreams and drawing me towards him constantly.

Finally the temptation became too much. I am a mere mortal after all. In the war of avarice, the stomach always triumphs over the wallet. The Siamese cookie is no more.

"Memories...not a sound from the pavement..."


23rd July 2008

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