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June 20th 2007
Published: June 20th 2007
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13 hours in the air, and I arrived safe and sound in Auckland. Besides almost losing my boarding pass in SFO, and riding with the New Zealand Black Sox baseball team (!) it was a mellow flight. I slept most of the time, and enjoyed three movies during the flight. AirNZ has an AWESOME entertainment system that you can choose from- tv, movies, music, travel- check it out! We left SFO at 9:30 pm on Monday, and arrived 13 hours later at 5:45 am on do the math!

After a harrowing shuttle ride through Auckland to Sky City, I caught a three hour bus to Whangarei ("Wongaray" kinda). It started raining north of Auckland, but the sunrise over the harbour was AMAZING.

Sarah's grandmother met me at the bus station, and drove me 30 minutes to her son's dairy farm in Northland. I need to ask exactly where I am when I am not exhausted. Driving on the left side of the road seems almost normal by now.

Russell and Angie are living in an amazing new house, and I have my own little apartment to enjoy on their 1000 acre farm. Unfortunately the cows are dry, and calving doesn't start until next month, so Angie took me for a ride around to the beaches in the rain. It looks alot like Kauai but with New England-esqe cottages going for about $800K NZD, $500K USD. I love it!

I also attended a birthday luncheon for their grandson Alex, who lives on the farm. He turned 4 and celebrated with a banana cake covered in jelly-worms. I am going to see his Kindergarten tomorrow before we go shopping for a beanie for me 😊 I also got to meet Sophie, his 18 month old sister, and their parents Tracy and Aaron. And the black and white kitty Cassandra.

Oh and I am eating meat while I am here. It is just easier, and I won't offend anyone I hope. Angie took me grocery shopping today as well (I don't know how I am still standing) and we bought a huge Cadbury chocolate bar to share. I was surprised to see Taco stuff at the grocery, and they sell refridgerated pet food, and meat offal in "sausage" tubes to be fired up with breakfast. And they don't sell string cheese, but cheese slices instead for kids. And chocolate covered rice cakes- vanilla pudding ones too. The sweets have lots of marshmallow too- it must be time for tea I am starving!!


20th June 2007

Glad you had a smooth flight! 13 hours is a long time in the air, so it is good that there was a sports team on board to distract. ;) Thanks for writing so quickly, and get some sleep!
21st June 2007

glad you made it safe and sound
Glad you made it safe and sound, Jen. You are probably rested and fed by now. I'm keeping track of the weather in NZ just to know how it's going. Just watched the international space station and shuttle go by outside my house. Happy travels! Raven
8th July 2007

kid food
Finally getting around to reading your adventures, Jen. Delightful! Enjoying traveling vicariously while I can finally start planning my own outing for not too many more months down the road. My girls will undoubtedly try making their own chocolate-covered rice cakes when I tell them about your find.

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