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March 7th 2018
Published: March 6th 2018
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Note from the editor.

There has been some feedback from the younger (and some older) readers that there are too many difficult words in the text. Is this a story for children or adults they ask? Well, it is meant for both, for all children and all adults who have left part of their children's brain alive, which is most adults, although many don't want to know it.

The reader must realise that this story is told through the eyes of a donkey. Their brains are of similar seize as a four year old but Donkey’s are known to take a fancy to more complex words which they pick up here and there while they grow up. They like to use them, even if they don’t always know their meaning. If you are a child (or an adult) and you don't know the word or the exact meaning of what the Donkey is saying ask your parents or a friend as they might be able to give you the answer. If you are a child is also fun to read the story with your parent or grandparent or opa or oma or aunty or uncle or anybody and discuss what you would do if you found yourself in the situations the Donkey finds himself in.

Sometimes you will find that your parent or friend does not know the meaning of a word or sentence. I suggest if that happens you go and find a donkey and ask the donkey. Although it is not likely that they will know the answer either, it is just fun to see the look on their face when you ask.


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