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June 12th 2006
Published: June 12th 2006
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yep, its raining today - oh well we have been really bloody lucky up until now, its raining so hard though that it was bouncing off the roof of the van this morning and woke us up!!! hee hee. Yesterday we drove up the west coast for what seemed like forever, we started off and it was quite cloudy and extremely windy. The van was going all over the road, but chris managed to keep it on the road with his good driving skills! We were heading towards Taranaki where there is a massive mountian, basically on an otherwise flat stretch of land. We were about 150km away and we coudl see it looming in the distance!!!! it was really cool. As we got nearer and nearer, the clouds began to gather more and more - doh!!! by the time we had reached Hawera, it has almost vanished behind this mass of cloud! We had a picnic and waited to see if they would clear but they didnt, so we carried on through Stratford and then onto the Forgotten world highway..... oh my god!.....

When you think of windey roads in the UK and elsewhere, it is a bit annoying, but try windey roads for two and a half hours - blimey, turning left after right after left continuoulsy, one after the other no straights, and with a 16km stretch of dirt track in the middle of it all!!! ahhh, chris got arm ache and Amanda felt like she had been on a rollercoaster and was about to be sick!!! The landscape was amazing though, totally 'forgotten' reminded us of Jurassic Park, and the hills were all ike egg boxes!!! when we eventually arrived after 5 hours of driving it was time to chill out and find a camp site. We camped just outside the town, and popped back into town to get some chips for amanda - naughty!!!!

We ended up working out the total miles which we have travelled over land so far in thailand, malaysia and australia and new zeland with a guesstimate..... 6000miles!!!! So mark, we could have driven to Jo'burg with that!!! No wonder we are feeling a bit tired!!!

Off to see Mordor and Mount Doom today!! ooo, hope the weather clears up a bit, otherwise wont be able to see anything again!!!

Some photos of the last few days.... enjoy!!

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12th June 2006

i am a little disapointed that you dont seem to have found any hobbits yet but i would always settle for legaless, it really does look beautiful there and you seem to be seeing a good selection of things

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