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February 8th 2009
Published: February 8th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

Hey folks, Only got 19 mins left on the internet so must be quick and sorry for any spelling mistakes.
Well we picked up our campervan of good times on Monday and we've had a blast. It's quite a small little thing but its got character and its great fun. Jezza has been doing lots of driving and is now quite a pro, which is great for me because I get to look at all the scenery.
Our first night, we had problems with our gas (cooking gas silly) so we had to go into the bush and find fire wood to cook our food. We had a delcious meal of sausage baps - yummy!! We've been staying in proper campsites and are surrounded by other crazy camping folk. We've also stayed in holiday parks which aren't as much fun but at least you can have a proper shower and do the washing up properly.
We are doing the Tongariro crossing tomorrow which is partly where they filmed Lord of the Rings (Frodo and Sams trip up to Mordor... I am quite the Lord of the Rings geek and keep saying the title of this blog over and over again)

We've seen loads this week, including some Cave Wetas which are horrible, horrible bug things which look like they could eat you but are quite harmless. We've seen loads of hills and shire looking places, although I havent seen any hobbits yet, I havent given up hope. The scenery here is remarkable and its amazing how you go from one extreme to another.

Due to the fact that neither of us have had a hot shower in well over a week we are both starting to look a bit worse for wear and are in need of a good scrubb. Jez says with my new DIY haircut I look like the boys from Hanson and keeps singing MMM BOP to me!! He's also made the comment "are girls eyebrows meant to be as big as yours!!" so romantic!.

Its also incredibly hot, well over 30 degrees. We start our walk at 6.30am tomorrow which should be hard but atleast we miss out on the heat.

Will write again soon and will put more pics up. very difficult to find internet access on the road but we will try.

Speak soon,
Love Mel and Jez


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