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June 14th 2006
Published: June 14th 2006
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The sunshine was out this morning which is great, its sooo not cool when it rains. Last night was really good fun at the Maori experience, we started off by arriving at the village and walking through the forrest where a war boat passed us with loads of barely clad men in it, and there were some running around the forrest around us with flaming torches! then they did a dance of the opposite side of the river, whcih was cool! Then we went to the village where we had a welcoming ceremony with loads of songs and chnats, and scary dancing and stick throwing! Then they introduced us to various weapons and musical things which they encorporated into the dancing and singing, it was really good. Then they had us doing some stuff, and taught us some of the Hacka which was relaly amusing, i dont think we looked very scary though!

Then it was time to eat - thank the lord, we were starving!!! It was a hangi meal which was cooked in the ground for three hours, and was chicken and lamb (MEAT!!! YEAH!!!) and potatos and sweet potatos and stuffing and gravey and rice and salad and chocolate cake for desert! We ate ourselves to death nearly, it is miserable jsut eating noodles and rice!!!

Then we went on another walk through the forrest to see the glow worms and the crystal clear fresh spring water lake, it had rainbow trout in it! Then we went back to the site, and tried to warm up!!!

Today we have had another really busy and exciting day. Chris did a wet one and went on the wet zorb, which is just a massive bubble which you roll down a hill on and have water in with you so you slide around!!! I didnt dare, it looked really scary , but chirs said it wasnt at all!!! Then we headed off to Hells Gate, where we had a good look around with our free tickets!!! and saw loads more smouldering mud pools and bubbling lakes, and the stinky sulpher which smelt just like farts!! Then we had a mud bath and a spa which was great, our skin is now soooo silky soft! Then we had a go at wood carving and carved our own maori type masks, it was a great day !!!! say which ones you think looks scarier

So, we are possibly going to give making our own hangi a go tonight as the campsite has thermal areas and a hangi and loads of hot spas.

problems adding photos again, so only one of last night dinner im afraid, will try again later!

not long til we are home now!!! bet you are dreading the slide shows!!! hahahaha


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