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July 11th 2009
Published: July 11th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

July 7th kiwi time.

I have to say yesterday (kind of yesterday....more like last couple of days innoring all the time zones we past threw)
was one of the most turbulent roller coaster rides of all. Started out normal ennuff. We woke up at BCU went and grabbed
some coffee and breakfast (BTW coffee here is really good, just dont ask for decaff. you will get a deadly look)

we had to replace a couple of Helenes camera essentials. (she left here cam bag with her bat. charger and cf cards and a filter
at a scenic lookout. We only discoverd this when reaching whistler. We did try to find them on the way back, but they were gone
for good) Even tho Vancouver has to be one of the most friendlyiest and honest places ever! theres allwayz a few turds in the
rose garden 😊

ANYWAYZ! we went to staples in town found most of the needed replacements (prices seemed almost identical to toronto pricing.
Cf cards were about 50 bucks for a 4 giger. Not like in NZ!!!!) We continue to walk down the board walk, Helene was trying
to find a massage studio to get her lower back repaired from the zip line action from the day before. She found a nice little
place, while she did that I walked around the boardwalk. Boardwalk consists of very nice housing, Huge trees and massive Hedges.
with a setup very similar of the beaches in Toronto, One could spend hours walking up and down, checking out the family run
shops and cafes.

I meet up with Helene when shes done. When we double check our departure time we realise we (by we I mean "she") have been
reading it wrong! We only had a few hours to get to the air port!

Rush back Smash all our stuff into the Suit cases.

check out in a frenzie

deside to try and bus it to the airport (35 buckaroos, rather than 5) not so good descision

Try to find the correct bus stop (we have no sence of direction at all so we walk in a circle for about 40 mins lugging all
our stuff)

find the bus (waaaaaaaay over crowded for all our stuff) Cram on anyway 😊

Get to the airport only to find out that you cannot book a one way trip to NZ!!!!!!! NOPE!! they wont let you get on the plane
with out a return TICKET! Why wernt we warned of this when we booked onlinÉ (and why does my question mark button give (É)!!
Who knows!!

Helene FREAKS running to see about getting a return ticket. of course no one is around 😊
she finds a place just in time.

We just make the plane with seconds to spare.

Plane flight was amazing! Again with the onboard flight entertainment, this flight you could watch every detail of the plane
and the destination as it was happening, right on you personal chair Tv! Food was great too!

we get to NZ at 6 :30 am!! dont know what time our bodys are really at tho. We get our luggage and our rental car all sorted out
and proceed to drive and find our logging for the night.

AHHH!! everything is backwards! driving here is like waking up in another dimension!! I almost kill us every minute im on the
road. goodthing we got the extra no worry Kiwi insurance!! I will make the rest of this entry short because its becoming a

.nice weather rains allot!

.eating Breakfast here is the same as dinner! 😊

.FRAKKKING expensive!! for electronics and gas!

.sun rise is laaate!

.rainbows everywhere!

.the country looks like the shire!



12th July 2009

It's a great story though. Yes - NZ is expensive! For coffee though - I like a Flat White. Two others I was with likes long blacks. Anyhoo... are you stopping in Wellington? Going to the south island? Getting in on the cricket action? Welps - just remember - look all ways before crossing the road cause you won't remember to look left first. Or was that right? have a ball!

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