Day 5 Hunua to Matamata, 164 km. The Donkey is in trouble

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March 3rd 2018
Published: March 2nd 2018
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Day 5: Hunua to Matamata, 164 km. The Donkey is in trouble

On day 5 the Donkey got into trouble. Headwind accompanied the Donkey for the first 80km which included the windswept shores of the Firth of Thames. The Donkey was in a hurry as he wanted to see his family who were coming to Matamata to say hello, his wife Butterfly, and his youngest daughter, the beautiful unicorn, with her husband, the beaver, and their two perfect little monkey girls. The Donkey wanted to look the best he could but in his haste to get there he blew a few pistons and one of his legs went lame. The wheels are fallen off, the Donkey thought bleakly, even if the wheels of Spot had not really fallen off as there were still going round in circles albeit very slowly. The Donkey thought about it for a while till he went so slow that he nearly fell of his bike. Then he shut his brain off.

Today the Donkey missed only one turn, in Te Ahora. Te Ahora consists of a few houses and a couple of shops. Nobody ever gets lost in Te Ahora except for the Donkey. We blame his state of mind on his empty brain as all food was directed to the working muscles which did not respond anyway. Total muscle failure thought the Donkey, bugger.

He finally crawled into Matamata early evening looking worse the wear. His family had been waiting on the corner for hours to welcome him but had given up and had gone to the pub. There he found them and it was a happy reunion but his grandchildren first did not recognise their opa as he looked about 90 years old and he had grown a beard. His old mate Showpony, who's good health had returned, was there as well which was awesome. He helped the Donkey get prepared for the next say as the Donkey was not worth much that evening. The Donkey doubted if he could start the next day but would decide in the morning. He took a handful of pills that evening in the hope that at least one of them would help make him feel better. His grand-kids tried to cheer him up and gave him a bag of lollies for on the bike the next day.


2nd March 2018

No John, keep going. I would really miss my daily read. I promise to cook a massive meal for you when you come through Nelson. I hope you are feeling a lot better. I bet it can be very lonely, but once you leave the business of the north Island you will love it. Sending you energy from down here, Britta
4th March 2018

The Donkey in trouble
I hope you recovered and could carry on riding........

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